Who is Beth?

I Want to Help You Bring Wellness into Your Life

I am Beth Tansey Peller, RN, BS, a Certified Wellcoach with experience as an oncology nurse at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and as a clinical research associate for a pharmaceutical company before making a shift to medical communications. I spent more than ten years in medical advertising as a working mother, starting as a senior copywriter, and was a creative director before leaving the corporate world. I know what it’s like to live a demanding life.

With perimenopause occurring during midlife, when many women experience changes in health and well-being, along with the stresses of multiple responsibilities, I believe it is an ideal time to proactively integrate positive health habits and make sustainable changes to approach this time and the rest of our lives with a wellness vision in mind. For women who have wanted to make changes for a long time, this is the time.


I received my wellness coaching certification through Wellcoaches Corporation: http://www.wellcoaches.com, which is endorsed by the American of College of Sports Medicine. I am a practical examiner for Wellcoaches trainees and mentor coach for participants in Wellcoaches’ Healthcoach  program, helping them to prepare for their practical exams. Wellcoaches training prepares coaches to help clients create a wellness vision, set realistic goals, and actually achieve them.
Sifting through medical and health information is something that I have done for a long time. I know how to search on Medline, the online repository of scientific and medical journal articles to find information and make sense of it. I also read and review a lot of Web sites, looking for easy-to-adopt lifestyle changes in order to be as healthy as possible. As your “Human Google” I will provide the best of what I find to offer choices for you to consider as you work toward your wellness vision–and then provide some coaching to help you make progress.

I am so excited about addressing the issues of midlife and perimenopause with you through my e-booklets and coaching programs, so that you can become your best self!

You can contact me at:


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