Getting Rid of the Old Carpet



Getting Rid of the Old Carpet


My friend Cece thought that I was injured. Someone else thought I needed snow. It’s amazing what can happen when the carpet needs to come up. That dreaded day when everything has to be moved.


While getting everything out of my home office so that the old, worn carpet could be taken out, I came across my Leki Nordic Walking FitTrek poles—the ones that had been standing behind the door for about 2 years, maybe even longer. The ones I had wanted to try but hadn’t watched the video yet because we would have to switch the DVD player and the VCR hookup to the TV. I guess it was too much trouble. Or, maybe I forgot about them. Actually, I really didn’t forget about them. Every time I closed the door to muffle the barking of the dogs so I could talk on my phone, I saw them. I kept thinking, “I should really get those out, set them up for my size, and use them.”  And, I love to walk. These would rev up my calorie burn and get my upper body involved in my favorite exercise. Why wasn’t I using them? Is it possible that I would never use them, when I had been so interested in purchasing them?


So, when we started getting rid of old stuff, and organizing some of the rest of it, I decided that it was silly to wait until I watched the video. How hard could it be to walk with poles? And the weather was beautiful. So, I did what I usually do when I want to get motivated and have the information I need to get started on any project. I googled “Leki.”  And, I was impressed by what I saw on I didn’t need the video. I didn’t even need the instructions. It was all on the site, video clips and all. Groups of people walking with their poles. Instructions on how to adjust them to my height. Information on the benefits. I knew that using these poles would be good, but I hadn’t realized that I could burn up to 40% more calories than walking without them, increase my O2 consumption by 25%, reduce stress on my knees and ease up the force on my heels by 26%. Great information, and very motivating. I couldn’t wait to get these poles on the road.


I was also informed by the Leki site that I can use the poles in different weather and terrains. It has been quite beautiful, but that bite in the air reminds me that winter is coming. I don’t like to be cold. No thank you, I don’t need snow. One pretty snowstorm a winter is just enough for me. But, coincidentally, I am reading a wonderful book, The Art of Possibility, by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, who gave a phenomenal presentation during the Coaching and Positive Psychology Initiative Conference I just attended. I usually take my walks inside onto the treadmill once the cold weather sets in, but, I took note when Ben quoted his father in the book, pointing out his ability to cast a positive light on any situation. His father liked to say, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Something to consider, literally. Besides, it might get a bit difficult to use the poles on the treadmill.


Beyond the literal, though, Ben Zander’s father’s comment about the weather speaks volumes about perceptions, assumptions, and adaptability. How much could you do if you had the appropriate “clothing,” no matter what your situation? I had assumed I needed to watch the video before using the poles. But, I got enough information and just started. And, guess what? I really enjoy using them. I found an article in my office during the cleanup that I had saved on walking with poles and learned that even though I am burning more calories, my rate of perceived exertion is lower than when just walking. I can tell. It feels like less work, but I can feel my abs getting involved as I push off with each pole. I think I’ve even lost a pound or two.


My daughter came home from college for the weekend and I excitedly told her about them. She and I often walk together. We decided to go that afternoon. But, she asked me to leave the poles at home. It would embarrass her. I am not afraid to look like maybe I’ve been injured, or that I’ve conjured up snow in my mind, but she’s not quite there yet. I took a walk with her and left the poles at home. I can use my poles when she goes back to school. That will be in a couple of days, not a couple of years. I’ve made pole walking a part of my life now. It is amazing what a dirty old carpet can do to you, isn’t it? It’s all about possibilities. And the right clothing. But, don’t to wait for your carpet to get old, like I did.

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