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Women On The Move

WOMEN on the Move


I came across a study that again highlights the benefits of lifestyle changes to improve our risk factors for heart disease. It’s called the Women On the Move through Activity and Nutrition (WOMAN) study.


As we know, the perimenopausal period is a time when weight can creep up on us. Another study I found mentions that postmenopausal women are one of the groups in which weight gain is increasing most quickly! We know what happens. Falling estrogen levels affect where our fat gets distributedand it’s not in keeping with the hourglass shape many of us strive for. But, beyond appearance, this midlife, mid-body pack-on-the-pounds isn’t good for our health.


In the WOMAN study, 508 women ages 52 to 60 taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for at least 2 years were placed in one of two groups: a lifestyle change group or a health education group. The intent was to see if cardiovascular disease could be minimized through changes in diet and exercise. After 18 months, the researchers found that women who made the lifestyle changes lost an average of 17 pounds, and about 4” from their waist size. I bet they were happy! But they also had significant improvements in their cholesterol, glucose, insulin, and other important blood levels. Women who stopped HRT had better LDL levels than those who remained on hormone therapy.


These women ate a lower-calorie diet that was low in cholesterol and total, saturated, and trans fats, and high in fiber and high-volume, nutrient-dense foods. They also worked up to 150 minutes (think 5 30-minute sessions a week) of physical activity. Read the rest of this entry »

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Getting Rid of the Old Carpet



Getting Rid of the Old Carpet


My friend Cece thought that I was injured. Someone else thought I needed snow. It’s amazing what can happen when the carpet needs to come up. That dreaded day when everything has to be moved.


While getting everything out of my home office so that the old, worn carpet could be taken out, I came across my Leki Nordic Walking FitTrek poles—the ones that had been standing behind the door for about 2 years, maybe even longer. The ones I had wanted to try but hadn’t watched the video yet because we would have to switch the DVD player and the VCR hookup to the TV. I guess it was too much trouble. Or, maybe I forgot about them. Actually, I really didn’t forget about them. Every time I closed the door to muffle the barking of the dogs so I could talk on my phone, I saw them. I kept thinking, “I should really get those out, set them up for my size, and use them.”  And, I love to walk. These would rev up my calorie burn and get my upper body involved in my favorite exercise. Why wasn’t I using them? Is it possible that I would never use them, when I had been so interested in purchasing them?


So, when we started getting rid of old stuff, and organizing some of the rest of it, I decided that it was silly to wait until I watched the video. How hard could it be to walk with poles? And the weather was beautiful. So, I did what I usually do when I want to get motivated and have the information I need to get started on any project. I googled “Leki.”  And, I was impressed by what I saw on I didn’t need the video. I didn’t even need the instructions. It was all on the site, video clips and all. Groups of people walking with their poles. Instructions on how to adjust them to my height. Information on the benefits. I knew that using these poles would be good, but I hadn’t realized that I could burn up to 40% more calories than walking without them, increase my O2 consumption by 25%, reduce stress on my knees and ease up the force on my heels by 26%. Great information, and very motivating. I couldn’t wait to get these poles on the road. Read the rest of this entry »

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